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I am a Freelance Makeup Artist located in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. I have a passion for makeup and find my inspiration all around me, but what inspires me most is my clients! Beauty is so much more than what we look like and I like to get to know my clients and get a feel for who they are while we come up with the perfect look for your event. Whether it’s your wedding, prom, head shot, a photoshoot, or just a great night out I want you to feel like yourself.

Essential Makeup Products for Brides

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Essential Makeup Products for Brides

Meghan Lawlor


My clients often ask me what they should bring with them on their wedding day with regards to makeup. There are so many things to juggle on your wedding day, and sometimes people will forget to pick up the products they need to ensure they’re looking and feeling fresh all day! No matter the weather I always suggest a few products for my brides to have close by, either in a purse or in your hotel room just in case you need a touch up throughout the day or night. You may not need everything on this list but I’m sure you will make use of at least one!

1.    Lip Pencil & Lipstick to touch up with. 
If you have a makeup artist booked chances are you did a trial run of your makeup look with them and you have an idea of the lipstick colour you will be using, I always suggest to have it with you. You will be eating, drinking, and kissing throughout the day and your lipstick will wear off, it’s inevitable. A lipstick is easy to toss in your handbag (or a bridesmaid’s handbag) and touch up when needed. If you’re not sure what lipstick you used for your trial ask your makeup artist and then you can pick up the correct shade. I typically provide a sample container of lipstick to my brides and their bridal parties since not everyone will have the correct shade with them. Some brides will include a lipstick for the day in with their gifts for their bridal party, but if you’re not sure on colours ask your makeup artist. Don’t forget we’re there for you for more than the day of your wedding. I always encourage my brides to get in touch with any makeup related questions beforehand so that we can handle it before the big day. 

2.    Blot Powder or Blotting Papers

If you have an oily skin type you will get oily at some point in the day. It doesn’t matter how good your makeup artist is or what they use on you, oily skin takes maintenance to ensure it looks fresh all day. Not to worry all you need is a blot powder. My favourite is MAC Blot Powder. It’s super easy to use and accessible online if you don’t have a MAC in your town. If you’d rather use blotting papers try the Sephora Blotting Papers. These products are more necessary for oily skin, but dry girls and guys can get oily in the heat too! If you’re unsure just bring one or the other, better safe than greasy. 

3.    Tissues

If you will be kissing your significant other (those kissing games will get you), you may need a tissue to wipe the lipstick off of his/her cheek. If you let it sit there it will be harder to remove. If your future spouse is a man he definitely won’t think of it (sorry guys), so save him the annoyance of having to wash his face and bring some travel tissues. I like these ones, they’re soft and won’t irritate the skin. 

4.    Setting Powder 

If you’re someone who is extra keen to look completely fresh all day and night (we’re talking after photos and speeches and dinner) you may want to bring your Setting Powder with you and a brush or sponge to ensure you can touch up if your makeup rubs off at bit. It’s a day full of hugs which means cheeks colliding with dress shirts and suit jackets, which for some reason act as a magnet for makeup (just ask my boyfriend lol). If you don’t want to have to worry, just bring it in case your makeup rubs off around your chin and cheek area. This can also help with oil, but I would use the blotting product you choose and then add your powder afterward. Too much powder on top of oil can be a cakey mess and no one wants that. I really like MAC Mineralized Skinfinish, and the Makeup Forever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder

Thanks so much for checking out my blog!

Meghan xo

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