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I am a Freelance Makeup Artist located in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. I have a passion for makeup and find my inspiration all around me, but what inspires me most is my clients! Beauty is so much more than what we look like and I like to get to know my clients and get a feel for who they are while we come up with the perfect look for your event. Whether it’s your wedding, prom, head shot, a photoshoot, or just a great night out I want you to feel like yourself.

Your Makeup Trial - Is it Necessary?

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Your Makeup Trial - Is it Necessary?

Meghan Lawlor

Hi Everyone!

Wedding season is still keeping me super busy but I promise I will have more regular blogs when things calm down a bit! I won’t complain about being busy because this is possibly my busiest season yet! Also I’ve had amazing brides and bridesmaids this year who have been wonderful to work with! I’m lucky in that most of my clients are amazing! You’d think I’d be looking forward to having some time off but I’m really not!

For today, I want to talk about makeup trials - aka your run through, test session- whatever you want to call it.
I get asked about this all the time by new brides and if they want a trial then I will do one.

Do I think it’s really necessary? Well it all depends!

A trial for those of you who don’t know is when you meet up with your MUA and have them apply the look you’re thinking you want on your wedding day.

I’ll go through the reasons why You don’t have to have a trial before I launch into why they are a good idea. There are people that trials make sense for and I’ll get into that soon. Here are a few drawbacks to the trial:

1- First of all, they cost extra. I’ve had brides tell me that they have had other artists offer them for free- which I don’t really believe because every MUA I know charges for a trial. If there are MUAs out there not charging- do us all a favour and charge for your work. They are often more time consuming than the actual wedding day application because it’s a consultation, it’s when people explain their theme and colours, discuss what they’re looking for, and show photos or ideas which can take a long time. I always charge for trials, because my time is valuable and it can be an exhausting (but still fun of course) task. If you can’t afford it we completely understand! However don’t ask for a discount or a free trial, if your MUA is experienced then their time is worth what they charge.

2- Brides often change their mind. I find that people have an idea about how they want to look (typically I see the same PHOTOSHOPPED photo from Pinterest of a trendy makeup look many times per season). Although they look beautiful once that look is applied, it doesn’t always deliver the feeling they were hoping for. In my opinion and based on my experience, my clients are happier with the look we create when they tell me their theme and colour scheme and say “based on that do whatever you think”. You’re likely choosing your Makeup Artist because you like their style, let them do their thing and 99% of the time you will be happy with what they create with no changes necessary. Also- if your trial is in the fall and your wedding the following summer you may want a totally different look by the time the wedding rolls around because the makeup trends will change. People think they are not affected by trends but guess what- we are! Especially if you’re searching Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration.

3- If you’re super laid back about your makeup and have had your MUA do your makeup before and love what they do, save your money. It’s really not worth it if you know them well and they’ve done your makeup multiple times.

Ok so those are the reasons a trial may not be necessary for you, but there are some cases where a trial is necessary:

1- If you have never had your makeup done before, have a trial. Your wedding day is not the day to try something new. It’s a day where you want to know how things will go. Last minute changes happen but if you’re unfamiliar with having your makeup done have a trial so you know what to expect.

2- Keeping with the last idea, if you’ve never had false lashes on and want to wear them on your wedding day, have a trial. Lashes are uncomfortable for some people and you may choose not to wear them or get eyelash extensions. These are things you work out in your trial.

3- If you’re really fussy about your makeup have a trial so you can take the time to explain what is important to you to your MUA. People communicate differently, dramatic for you could be natural for me or vice versa. I often have brides say “keep it natural” because they have had an MUA go overboard in the past but then natural for me is too natural for what they’re looking for.

4- If you couldn’t get the MUA you were hoping to book for your wedding, have a trial so you can make sure your artist will provide you with the look you want. Most people can do any type of wedding or beauty makeup but everyone has a different style. No one is better or worse, just different. If you have something specific you’re looking for, and will be upset if its not exact, have a trial.

5- If you will be more relaxed on your wedding day if you’ve already met your vendors then have a trial. I will say that the weddings where I have already met the bride are much more fun for me since I have an idea of what I’m walking into that day and can mentally prepare for what’s ahead. it works that way for you as a bride as well. Sometimes the day fels more familliar if you are surrounded by people you have already met.

I hope this was helpful to those of you who are looking to book an MUA for your wedding!

Bottom line- whether or not to book a trial depends on you and where you’re at with makeup. If you’re unsure just book one so you feel better about it.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any more questions on this or any other wedding related topic!

Meghan xo

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